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About US

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We have been in the business of manufacturing packaging products for more than a decade.

Our product ranges from gift, stationery and floral wrapping papers to header bags, gusset bags, self-sealed bags, vacuum pouches, stand/zipper pouches and more. Backed by our solid experience and advanced manufacturing facilities, we have gained good reputation from well-known companies both domestic and overseas.

We cater to the special packing demands for various industries such as food and beverage, cosmetic, electronic components, electronics, gifts and stationeries, floral, chemical, hardware, and others.

In our awareness of the value of good presentation and protection, we import best Japanese machine TOTANI to produce our client's demand, and we are honorest represent from "WorldStar" and "Taiwanstar" both awards, ISO 9001 certification. We offer flexible options and gladly accept your OEM/ODM requests. Call us today to find out how we can fill your OEM orders.

Business Type
‧ Exporter
‧ Manufacturer
Export Markets
‧ Worldwide
Export Percentage
‧ 50 percent to 54 percent
Investment on Manufacturing Equipment ‧ US$4,000,000 to 4,999,999
‧ US$2,000,000
OEM Services Provided
‧ Yes
Selling Points
‧ Experienced R&D Department
‧ OEM Capability
‧ Production Capacity
‧ Reliability
‧ Reputation
‧ Buyer's Specifications Accepted
Production Type
‧ wholly owned
QC Responsibility
‧ in-house

No. of R and D Staff

‧ 8
Sales Volume
‧ US$4,000,000 to 4,999,999
No. of Engineers
‧ 1 to 4
No. of Total Staff ‧ 75
Year Established
‧ 1989
No. Of Productions Line
‧ 3
Product Range
‧ Gift and stationery items
‧Floral wrapping papers
‧Bags with header
‧Gusset bags
‧Flexible packing items
‧Vacum products
‧Stand and zipper pouches
Monthly Capacity
‧ 1 to 499 Tons (US)
Factory Size in Feet
‧ 7126
Factory Size in Meters ‧ 662
Bank Details
‧ First Commerical Bank
‧ Yuan Lin
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